Selling on Facebook: How to Use Facebook Dynamic Shopping

Did you know you can link your Nimbl store with Facebook?

In the past, the only way to connect your followers with your products was through the link in your bio, or links in Instagram Stories, this new feature provides a seamless experience for people to shop products directly from your posts.


Step 1 - Locate your Product Feed URL

  • In your Nimbl portal, go to Store Settings > Sales Channels

  • If you have not yet set a Global Product Category ID - do so now. SEE MORE INFORMATION

  • You will see a section at the bottom of the page called "SELLING ON FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM"

Step 2 - Upload your Feed to Facebook

  • Visit Facebook Business Manager on and make sure you are registered and have an Commerce Profile.

  • In Facebook Business Manager Menu go to Sell Products and Services > Commerce Manager

  • Click the Add Catalog button

  • Catalog Type: E-Commerce

  • Select Upload Product Info. Set the Catalog Owner and give it a name like "My eComm Products". Click on Create and then View Catalog.

  • In the left menu click on Catalog > Data Sources.

  • Click the Add Items > Add Multiple Items.

  • Click on the Data Feed Item and then next.

  • From the upload options select Scheduled Feed and click Next.

  • Enter the feed collection url you copied in step 1 above. Leave the username & password blank and click Next.

  • Choose a time for your daily upload to occur (early morning is usually a good time). The frequency will be depended on how much you change your products.

  • Give this data feed a name and choose your currency as ZAR

  • Click Upload and wait for the feed to be fetched and processed.

  • Fix errors: If there are errors, go back, fix them, re-fetch, and keep doing so until the feed is error free. Sometimes it is necessary to delete and re-create your catalog in Facebook for some changes to appear.