You need to renew your subscription if you want your website to stay online. This happens every 1 month / 6 months / 12 months depending on how long ahead you have paid for.

There are advantages when paying ahead for a longer period:

6 months - from 5% discount on your subscription.

12 months - from 10% discount on your subscription.


  • When your subscription is going to expire in 7 days or less, the PAY NOW button will appear on your Nimbl Portal under the STORE tab.

  • Click on the PAY NOW button when you are ready to renew your subscription.

It will show you a summary of your current subscription package.

  • Click on the RENEW YOUR STORE SUBSCRIPTION button. It will show your CURRENT SUBSCRIPTION.

  • You have the choice to renew that subscription for: 1 MONTH (no discount), 6 MONTHS (5% discount), OR 12 MONTHS (from 10% discount).

  • You can also choose to CHANGE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION (UPGRADE / DOWNGRADE). Choose a different subscription using the DROP DOWN MENU. The pricing will change as you change the subscription.

  • Confirm your subscription details.

  • If you are happy to proceed, click on the CONFIRM RENEWAL button. (You will be redirected to Payfast to complete the payment.)

Your subscription has been RENEWED and (if applicable) UPGRADED/DOWNGRADED. You will receive an email confirming payment.