As your business grows, you can UPGRADE your current subscription package (without renewing - subscription still valid), to include more extensions, better fees and more products. The upgrade cost will be calculated on a per day rate depending on how many days are left on your current subscription.


  • From the Nimbl Portal, under the STORE tab, click on MY BILLING to open the drop down and click on the SUBSCRIPTION button.

Here you can see more info regarding your current package. The PACKAGE and PRICE you are currently on; The EXPIRY DATE (until when is your website paid for?); How many ACTIVE PRODUCTS you have (and how many you may still add); How many ACTIVE EXTENSIONS you have (and how many you may still add); And lastly, you can see your TRANSACTION FEE % and if your package ALLOWS ADVANCED EXTENSIONS.

  • Click on the UPGRADE STORE SUBSCRIPTION button.

  • It will automatically give you the details of the NEXT TIER PACKAGE, or you can click on the DROP DOWN menu to view all available package upgrades.

It will show you the DAILY DIFFERENCE RATE to upgrade.

As well as your AMOUNT OF DAYS LEFT on current subscription (for how long your website is still valid until next payment is due).

And lastly, the TOTAL COST to upgrade (for the amount of days left on subscription).

  • Click on the CONFIRM UPGRADE button. (You will be redirected to Payfast to complete the payment.)

The upgrade was successful. You will receive an email confirming upgrade and payment.