• From the homepage, under the SHIPPING tab, click on the COURIER SHIPMENTS button. When viewing the Active Courier Tab, click on the VIEW button to manage a spesific courier shipment

HERE you will find all the detail for your courier order

NimblTrack is Nimbl Ecommerce propriety courier shipment management software. Click on the NIMBLTRACK tab to see the details for your shipment. Here you can see a status flow of your shipment as well as detailed tracking and information. Depending on which courier you are using you will see the following information:

Partner: With which courier partner is this shipment travelling.

Collection Date: If the shipment has been collected, it will show you the date on which the courier partner first logged it on their system, most of the time this will be the collection date.

Delivery Date: Should the parcel be delivered, it will show the date on which the courier partner marked the delivery as completed.

Travel Time: If the parcel has been delivered, this will show the travel time (WORKING DAYS EXCLUDING WEEKEND AND PUBLIC HOLIDAYS).

Current Shipment Status (Travel Status): This will show you the current status of the shipment. This is updated and reviewed constantly to give you the latest status of your shipment. There are a few main statusses:

  • CREATED: The shipment was created in NimblTrack Software.

  • PENDING: Tracking integration is active and NimblTrack are awaiting status update from courier.

  • NOT FOUND: The courier partner does not have any record of the tracking number.

  • IN TRANSIT: The shipment is in the process of travelling to its final destination

  • OUT FOR DELIVERY: Also know as last mile. The shipment is on its final leg to its destination and should be delivered on that day.

  • DELIVERED: The shipment has been delivered and is completed.

  • EXCEPTION: There was an issue with the shipment. Please contact your provider to resolve the issue to expedite delivery.

Shipment Timeline: A quick overview of the history of the shipment.

Details Tracking: This will show you a step by step history of all the events for this shipment from the courier partner. This includes a date of the event, sequence number, Travel Status and the details of the event.


Click on the OVERVIEW tab to see more details. Depeding on the Courier Partner you are using, you can see the following detail:

Courier Partner: The courier partner with which this order is travelling with.

Service: A description of the service you have chosen to use with the Courier Partner.

Courier Order #: The order number of this shipment with the Courier Partner.

Courier Waybill #: The waybill / tracking number for the Courier Order.

PIN: If this service requires a deposit PIN, it will be shown here.

Tracking: If availalble, a link to the tracking page of the Courier Partner.

Nimbl Store Order: The Nimbl Store order number of the Courier Order. Click to view your order.


Depeding on the Courier Partner, these actions will be available:

DOWNLOAD WAYBILL: This will allow you to download the waybill for this Courier Order which you need to hand over to the courieron collection.

MARK AS DELIVERED: In a small amount of cases, the courier partner tracking system might be faulty and we can not confirm that delivery has taken place. If you have confirmed this with your client, click on the button to mark this order as completed and delivered and to close it off.


Here you will find the available contact details for the Courier Partner should you wish to contact them directly to resolve any issues. You can also contact your Account Manager with the Courier Partner directly if you wish.


The addresses tab will give you the collection and delivery information for this Courier Order as captured by you on dispatching of the Nimbl Store Order. If you are using a DROP BOX Service this will show you said boxes details


The dimensions tab will show you the dimensions and weight used when creating the pieces for this Courier Order as captured by you on dispatching the Nimbl Store order.