You can create orders on behalf of your customers and send the quote from the eParcel Portal. Once you manually create an order, the ORDER STATUS will be AWAITING PAYMENT. You will therefore need to capture the payment to dispatch and complete the order.


  • From the Nimbl Portal, under the STORE tab, click on ORDERS to open the drop down and click on MANUAL ORDER.

  • Start typing a minimum of three characters in the SEARCH box for the dropdown list to show your products. Click on the item that you want to add to the order.

  • Choose the quantity of that item you wish to add and click on the ADD TO ORDER button. (If stock is tracked, it will show your current quantity.)

  • The item will now be available on the right hand side of the screen under CURRENT ORDER. You can REMOVE the item if it is incorrect.

Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add more products.

  • Once you have added all items to the order, click on the NEXT STEP button.

  • Complete the client and delivery details

NOTE: SHIPPING CHARGE - how much do you want to charge the client for shipping cost. This IS NOT automatically calculated as on your website - manually ADD the charge.

  • Once all details are completed, click on the CREATE ORDER button.

Your order is now created and the ORDER STATUS will be AWAITING PAYMENT.