If a visitor goes to your “About Us” page, that means they are already interested in you and are giving you a chance to prove to him or her that your product is the best. What you need to do is clearly spell out what you are, what you do, and, most importantly, what you offer to the clients. All testimonials, achievements, and any kind of social proof is welcome there.

Make sure you don’t waste this opportunity as it may lead to gaining a customer.

Packing your “About” page with too much information can be overwhelming for site visitors. Rather opt for a minimalist design to keep information clear and easily comprehensible.

Even though we recommend that you use this page as an “about us” page, this is optional as you can change the title of the page and use it for whatever you could possibly need or even not use it at all.


  • From the Nimbl Portal, under the STORE tab, click on MY SHOP to open the drop down and click on the SHOP PAGES button.

  • NEXT TO ABOUT US, click on the EDIT button:

1. PAGE NAME: The default name is ABOUT US. You are welcome to change this to suit your needs.

2. MENU ITEM: By TICKING the box, you add this page to your website. If it is not ticked, it will not appear on your website.

3. SHOW HOME SNIPPET: By TICKING the box, you add a snippet to your website’s home page. If it is not ticked, it will not appear on your home page.

4. BANNERS: You can upload your own banner or choose one from the PEXELS image library.


  • Click on the SAVE WEBPAGE button.